Gwendolyn 'Bright Light' Whispersquish

The picture of Gwendolyn holding her baby and shielding her eyes from the bright light sets the tone for this album. A woman juggling her life, a mix of the domestic and the creative. Gwendolyn has one of those voices, high pitched that suggest a girlishness but behind which there is a determined person. She lives in California and draws from that locations pool of talented players. Her produced is Ethan Allen and features a wide range of guests and sound including saw and jaw harp as well as some twanging guitar which all makes for an engaging twist on classic country music as well as the outer limits of folk music. There is a brightness here, as suggested by the title, that is infectious and it's not surprising that she has previously recorded a number of albums aimed at the children's market. She has also recorded previous albums aimed at a wider audience. And a wider audience is what this album deserves as its hard to pin down centre has a heart and a attitude that is positive and poignant. Some may be distracted by the voice but many more will find that it is one that has distinction and a delightful sense of life's absurdities. "Be whatever it is you are" the message of Plants delivered to the singer by her father is solid advice for anyone. Gwendolyn also looks for some deeper truth through other songs that look back at older, maybe simpler times, that consider loss and absence but that love is the underlying saving grace. Monster In My Heart is a sing about the love she feels and needs to express and it's delivered in a big twangy guitar uptempo setting. As if to reaffirm the light that exists within all good hearted people she closes the album with the forgiving notion of Let The Light. Gwendolyn is a ray that shines on you and makes you smile and that can only be a good thing