Mark Wayne Glasmire 'Life Goes On' Traceway Music

A singer songwriter who plays music that hints of 70's crossover country/folk storytelling that was epitomized by the likes of John Denver or Dan Fogelberg. In other words gentle, easy listening tales that are melodic and musical. It's produced by Glasmire and John Albani in Nashville and features a selection of players including Wanda Vick who brings a folky, bluegrass element to the easy-on-the-ear proceedings. On occasions the song take on a harder theme as on Everything Is Gonna Be Alright a song that deals with job loss and a father's protective title mantra to his worried family, but one that turns out to have a positive message. Positivity is a key element of the music on offer here, an undemanding, life-affirming set of songs that would find favour with many who were fans of the aforementioned Denver and Fogelberg's style of music. Glasmire does what he does well but some of us may be looking for something with a harder edge and deeper roots but there are many others looking for the kind of lighter relief that Mark Wayne Glasmire so obviously delivers with style.