The Jamie Freeman Agreement '100 Miles From Town' - Union Music Store.

A full band release from English songwriter Jamie Freeman displays all the music sensibilities of a veteran performer. The dynamic in the thirteen songs is both tasty and tight with a fine production performance by the Freeman himself.

The players on the recording include regular band members Abigail Downs, Jessica Spengler, Jonathan Hirsch and Joe Ellis who are augmented by members of Larkin Poe, BJ Cole, Brandy Zdan and Richard Smith among others. The harmony vocals of Rachel Davies are particularly arresting on a number of the songs.

There is much to recommend here and the poignancy of Message from Limbo is balanced against the anger of Never Be The Same Again, as different as they are impressive. The up-tempo rock sound of Scrabble in Afghanistan stands up against the country groove of Two Sugar Baby and it all works beautifully. Recommended listening.