Brad Mackeson '1945' - Self-Release

This new artist hails from Portland, USA and appears on the music horizon with a real statement of intent. This debut CD is self -produced by Brad Mackeson, who together with colleague Rian Lewis, plays an impressive range of instruments across the eleven songs featured here. His writing is very self-assured with a leaning towards thoughtful lyrics that chart a range of emotions, relationship reflections and musings on the human condition. 

The title, 1945, refers to the year that marked the end of the Second World War and the sleeve dedication to his grandparents probably holds a key to the inspiration here. The song itself is a love paean, framed against the end of the war and has a beautiful feel to it - “to touch you once more and feel the heat rising off your skin”...Indeed!!

Opening with Thousand Drums, a song that could fit nicely into an episode of True Blood, with it’s after dark energy, this CD reveals a series of song structures that are impressive with a great, loose feel to the playing and plenty of space within the  arrangements..

Gonna Be Fine is a slow groove that sits nicely into the pocket before Lonesome Feeling displays a real nod to the memory of John Lennon in the vocal and a strong hint of Sgt. Pepper in the song arrangement. This is an impressive debut and one that should lead to greater exposure for this talented musician, if the stars align.