The John Henrys 'White Linen' 9LB

The latest album from this accomplished Canadian five piece band is a mix of rock, roots and country influences that is a times a little Tom Petty and at others takes a harder edge that approximates to the rockin' sound of the 70's. The band include some pedal steel, mandolin and banjo to flavour the robust roots rock. The songs are written by the band, in the main, by Rey Sabatin Jr. The also can do slower atmospheric songs like Cold Chill, which takes a different perspective on the traditional ballad The Banks Of The Ohio. The title songs os a little more Band like with upfront organ and it shows off the harmonies well. Stars Align is a vibrant guitar riffed song that picks up the positive mood. While a solid ballad like Good Man is blessed by a strong vocal that tells the story of a break-up with empathy. The song Dawson City, another complentative ballad, is a new version of the song which appeared on their first album and shows how much they have come together as band. The final songs Patriot Song is based around a factual event and has a folkish theme with some military percussion and it closes what is a strong, varied album that highlights the strengths that this self-produced band have.