Kevin Welch 'A Patch Of Blue' Sky Music Road

Always a strong writer and recognizable singer Kevin Welch has been making his mark for quite a few years now, as a solo artist, as a member of the Dead Reckoners and with Kane, Welch, Kaplan. This new album finds him recording in Texas with musicians like Glenn Fukunaga, Bukka Allen, Rick Richards and his band mate Fats Kaplan as well as his son Dustin Welch. The songs are well up to his usual standard and are all written or co-written by Welch and are set here in a relaxed roots style setting that has that definable Austin, Texas feel. His concerns are exemplified with a song like The Great Emancipation which deals with spirit and belief and overcoming the inevitable hard times. The songs also deal with location, with leaving, with seeking and finding. Andaman Sea has the sonic depth of a cello as a foundation to the accordion and acoustic guitar backing. It is again Welch's worn voice that brings the song it's focus and depth. Something that is true throughout this album. Those who have listened to Welch throughout his career know his worth and are, like me, delighted to have him back with an album of his own, one that is well up there with his best work, sonorous and sensuous. A patch of blue sky in an often increasingly gray sky.