Angela Perley and the Howlin Moons 'Nowhere Is Now Her" - Vital Music

A five song E.P. from this interesting songwriter that brings to full circle, a four E.P. cycle that she commenced in 2010. The playing is very assured throughout and the arrangements crackle with slow reflective ballads like Brooklyn Girls to a Honky Tonk groove of Country Fair. The guitar playing is exciting on the title track and the vocal delivery is sweet and seductive. We have a little bit of Lucinda Williams mixed into Over the Rhine and sounding really fine on the bright production of Fred Blitzer. 18 Feet Under is pure adrenalin rush and a stand out live number, I have no doubt. We are treated to a very affecting Saw solo on the closing song Tangled on the Kitchen Floor, which echoes Patsy Cline meeting Norman Bates with very little chance of a romantic ending. Full marks for effort and leaves me wanting to hear more.