Anna Laube ‘Self-titled’ - Ahh…Pockets

A much traveled singer/songwriter who has released this, her third album, which was also recorded in different locations around the U.S.A. The central character in this story is Laube herself who has written and produced the album (solely and with some co-producers) and picked up a number of different players on her way to realise these genre encompassing songs. country, jazz, blues, folk and pop are all descriptors mentioned in passing about her music. This mix of influences and inspirations is enlivened by a childlike open mind and a distinctive voice.

Both make this a readily accessible audio experience that warms and engages the listener. The songs are predominantly her own with a couple of exceptions Sugarcane is based on the traditional song Cocaine Blues, making the point that sugar is be umasked as an equally life-harming drug. Satisfied Mind a song written by Red hayes and Jack Rhodes which fits neatly alongside her original songs. It is recorded in a simple arrangement that is big on atmosphere and afterlife allusion.  Aside from those songs there are the bluesy  moods of You Ain’t Worth My Time Anymore to the more abandoned joy of The Bike Song with its rhyming “we’re all riding on our bike bikes” chorus, distorted vocal and New Orleans style brass interludes and harmonica. Just one song that sums up the different elements that are pulled together in a way that makes perfect sense when heard. Chocolate Chip Banana Cupcakes are something that Laube makes when what she really wants to be doing is getting close to a man she would like to get know more.   

The title of the song This One’s For You pretty much sums up Laube’s worldview. There is a an openness to head and heart and a wish to share that is apparent in her music that is immediately engaging. This is music made from a personal perspective, an innocence or wish to find it again. There is no doubting Anna Laube’s talent and technicolour vision. Something that should be viewed with an equal sense of opportunity if you would like a satisfied mind.