Ashleigh Flynn 'A Million Stars' - Home Perm

Originally from Kentucky, Ashleigh Flynn has released three previous records and I will wager that her name hints at a little Irish blood somewhere in the family line. This new release includes songs that were written in tribute to unnamed female heroes that history has overlooked. The playing is excellent throughout as we are treated to tales of pioneering women.

 Chris Funk of the Decemberists is producer on the record, in addition to contributing as a musician across a fine array of musical instruments with banjos, trumpets, fiddles, clarinets and any other instrument you could name in the next 20 seconds. The song arrangements add to a feeling of celebration to the music and the twelve songs are very engaging.

Prohibition Rose is a real treat with its New Orleans swing and easy jazz feel.  Dirty Hands and Dirty Feet is a dip into banjo and fiddle stomp music, while The West Was Won is a tribute to Calamity Jane.

There is some fine pedal steel guitar underpinning the song Runnin’ with the cautionary message; Walk the line searching for the limit, watch for signs that won’t come unless you’re willing…”