The Noise Revival 'Orchestra Songs Of Forgiveness' Self-Release

This Austin based band use some orchestral instrumentation to give them a unique sweeping sound that recalls a number of reference points without ever straying into a place where they lose their identity. The music here may not be classed as the kind we normally review but as the area of has expanded to the point where cello and violin are frequent elements in the music this is a step that is not that far from the path. The band are now are more manageable 8 piece where before they had numbered 13. The use a number of quests including vocalists Dana Falconberry and Danny Malone who join Orchestra leader and songwriter Nathan Felix and Heather Coleman to provide a layered vocal sound that is underscored by the melodic musical arrangements which give depth and texture to the overall sound. Though there are only 5 tracks they manage to convey a varied sound-scape that is memorable and persuasive.The title track has a ambient aura of Africa. Sapphire features some elegant playing from guest Warren Hood and Daniela Nunez's flute on a song that laments lost love. The music they make has been featured in film and has been performed live at a number of venues in Europe as well as in their home base of Austin they are adaptable and adventurous and considering the relative success of bands like Calexico and Alejandro Escovedo bring elements of a broader brush stroke in the mainstream the Noise Revival Orchestra could well do the same with some wider exposure foe their intelligent music.