Becky Schlegel 'Dandelion' Lilly Ray

This album covers a number of different bases from stripped down piano-based songs like They Way You Are to the touches of bluegrass of Don't Leave It Up Top Me to country music of I Never Loved You Cowboy. But what is most prominent is Schlegel's voice, an instrument with hints of Alison Krauss and, on occasion Dolly Parton. Schlegal plays a key role in this album from co-production, with Brian Fesler. to writing all the songs on the album. playing rhythm guitar and adding her on-the-money vocals. She can be rightly proud of the work she's put in. The album has a lot of strong points but a couple of songs like When It Rains have an instant attraction not least for it's fine resonator guitar solo. With the right exposure Schlegel could reach the a wider audience but as she is currently on an small independent label she will need a lot of luck to connect with that audience. But in the meantime anyone who encounters this album will doubtless find themselves captivated.