Billy Currington 'We Are Tonight' - Humphead

This country music artist has released four previous recordings and has had seven number one singles, including the song Hey Girl which is the first cut on this new release. Born in Savannah, Georgia, he has come a long way in a short space of time, witnessed here by the presence of Willie Nelson on the excellent Hard To Be A Hippie.

Wingman is a fun song about guys on the town and their plans to hit the jackpot. One Way Ticket is straight out of the Jimmy Buffet songbook and the easy groove of 23 Degrees and South is a well thought out arrangement that speaks of love and the dreams of youth.

Despite three different producers across the ten songs here and a host of different musicians, it is to his credit that the parts add up to a cohesive whole. Most of the songs slip easily into each other and the bright sound keeps the listener engaged at all times. Banana Pancakes and Hallelujah close the record in fine style and turn in a very steady performance from this country artist with a fast growing reputation. Dare I say Tim McGraw with a twist..? And no big hat either.

Billy Currington Enjoy Yourself Mercury/Humphead

Diversity is the name of the game in Nashville these days with the gameplan deciding most of the major label releases should go for the crossover touchdown. Billy Currington has songs from writers like Shawn Camp and players like Paul Franklin on pedal steel but on the song Love Done Gone Currington co-production with Carson Chamberlain delivers a brass led bright pop sound that is a long way from what I know as country music. He gets a little closer to that sound on Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer - one of those "I'm a country boy at heart" type of songs beloved at radio these days. Elsewhere the songs look at equating a relationship to the love his dog has for him. Perfect Day has nothing to do with Lou Reed, no this one is about sitting on the beach watchin' the sun come up with a girlfriend. Nice work if you can get it. The rest of the album follows an easy going path with Currington in good voice on both the slow and uptemp songs. A relaxed, sun and fun seeking kind of an album that may well appeal to Kenny Chesney devotees and to his own fans. Bad Of Fishin' again extolls the virtues of more leisure time taking it easy and the music despite the presence of steel and select members of Nashville's A-Team the music is pleasant without ever taking you anywhere special. The closing Lil' Ol' Lonesome Dixie Town written by Billy Joe Walker and Shawn Camp closes the album in a better mode with a uptempo, energetic slice of jukebox playing, beer drinkin' having a fun time but don't let it get out of hand type of fun.