The Wailin' Jennys "Bright Morning Star" True North

An all singing, all sitting trio who have already released some acclaimed albums. Bright Morning Star sees the trio of Ruth Moody, Nicky Mehta and Heather Masse deliver a set of retrained songs that have a striking vocal presence with each of the trio handling lead and harmony vocals on set of self written songs with one traditional song thrown in the shape of the crystal clear unaccompanied and haunting Bright Morning Star. The sound is folk based and acoustic but filled out by the full band which includes bass and drums as well as electric lead guitar from the likes of Colin Cripps. Produced with taste by Mark Howard and David Travers-Smith it is a tapestry of understated tones that allow the vocals to take centre stage and beguile the listener. Another part of the current wave of interesting roots based acts from Canada the Wailin' Jennys sound is part of a recent folk linage that links the Americas with their European heritage. Across The Sea lyrically is about a woman's love for her man where ever he may be, at sea or elswhere. Many of the songs have a sense of longing and love that may not be always that easy to obtain and that sense of distance is there within the voices. This is a gentle, quiet but undeniably attractive music that is far from the wailin' of their name put rather a more siren like call. An album that should be heard in that context it will only enhance their reputation.