Charlie and The Regrets ‘New Night’ - Self-Release

A four track release from the Houston, Texas four piece who play some rough edged roots rock. The EP opens with Baytown an uptempo tale about a part town where one goes to let off steam and then, hopefully, live to regret it. That is followed by the slow regret of New Night that sees the singer channeling his regret through playing some love songs to the object of his unrequited desire which features some distorted lap steel to heighten the bluesy feeling on his mind. Start A Company kicks up the tempo and again features the edgy lap steel to the fore front giving the songs some fire over the tight rhythm sections that is pushing the beat. The closing song again take it at an slower pace and has a solid rhythm under the acoustic and lap steel guitars.

New Night serves as an introduction to this solid four piece who are sure to kick up a storm live and suggest they have the makings of a fine full length in them. While there may be nothing new in terms of an overall sound they show their commitment to themselves and to their music. These four self-written songs have enough going on for them to make them a welcome return to the CD player and over a full album they will have the opportunity to explore further options that shoild give them no regrets with what they might deliver.