Dave Gunning 'We're All Leaving' Wee House

An accomplished craftsman, Canadian Dave Gunning is a storytelling singer/songwriter who latest album is a rootsy, rocking album with a full band adding weight to the songs. Communities are a focal point of this album with songs about abandoned hopes as in Ashen Town, songs about moving on with the title track. Songs about arriving,Sorry For The City and songs for those who stayed, As Far As This Town Goes. Gunning looks at and observes the coming and goings of the ordinary men and women who seek solace in small towns or in big cities. Gunning sings with the conviction of someone who understands the rivers and tributaries of humanity. Producer and sometime co-writer Justin Robinson gives the album a warm B3 filled sound that has rhythmic undertow and sense of melody. Dave Gunning is a part of the Canadian songwriter community and a proud one. He has released a number of albums and all are worth hearing and getting to know. Gunning sense of affinity with lives that may seem on the surface unexceptional but are as profound in their own way are reflected in his music which is not breaking any new ground but stands (or falls) on his ability to tell the story he intends to. Here he does a fine job. www.davegunning.com