David Celia 'I Tried' XX1

From the opening song Turnout Celia offers a stylized sound. That song and those that follow have a arranged sound that encompasses a wide range of styles that are often uptempo and upbeat. The list of instruments is as wide as the song with clavinet, Hammond, pedal steel, trombone, trumpet, cello, glockenspiel among the featured sounds. The jovial I'm Not Texan has the rootsyist sound with twang guitars and Gurf Morlix on dobro. It's fun, ironic and sure worth a spin. The next song Instant Puppy Love also features Mr. Morlix on this song of instant attraction. After that the songs revert to their more arranged soundscape that is inventive and interesting though you need to be open to non-roots music to take it in. It's kind of a Canadian 10cc type of thing in that the songs cover a lot of territory with some skill, wit and thought. Bug's Apocalypse has a folkier attitude with cello and flute over a light string backing. Running Out Of Time has a Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows feel it the way it experiments with sound and space. Celia is another talented Canadian artist who could well find a bigger audience if he gets the right exposure and playing at this year's Glastonbury Festival may well help. www.davidcelia.com