Random Canyon Growlers 'Dickey Ain't Got all Day' - Hen House.

This band's name suggests that you should know them of old but in fact they were new to me before I jumped headlong into this wild collection of Ozark flavoured tunes played by a band whose instrumental skills where obviously fine tuned by 25 hour days spent woodshedding or jamming together. Don't be fooled by the schoolboyish cover artwork, this is a very professional project produced by Ben Winship whose Fishing Music CD has had me entertained for quite a few years now. 

Most tracks are written or co-written by the guitar and banjo duo of band members Jamie Drysdale and David McMeekin. They are original while showing a love of the genre that makes them seem as comfortable as a well worn pair of old cowboy boots. There are a few surprises in the shape of songs from the Louvin Brothers "Dark As The Night" or "Travelling Kind" from The Country Gentlemen. But the ace in the hole for me was Don Robertson's "Born To Be With You" which I have so many versions of in my collection that this one brings a whole new and fresh approach to such a much loved classic.

I say again that the musical and instrumental skills of this band are way superiour to most of the young blades that have wild noisy old time bands on todays circuit. These lads have put an album together that will stand the test of time and I'll be looking forward to hearing more from them as the years roll in.

As good as they sound on CD I'm sure that a live performance is the right place to see these young guys in action. They are pushing the Old Timey envelope just as far as it will go and the tasters of edgy rock and bluesy vocals show signs of lots more to come from them in the future.