Sergio Webb ‘Domingo’ - Self-Release

The latest release from the guitar grafter and sought after sideman  is a five track mini-album that explores  a somewhat more robust and bluesy side of his oeuvre. Perhaps best know as a member of The Famous Motel Cowboys and for accompanying David Onley  Webb also makes some fine musical endeavours in his own right. He is joined here by Ron Eoff on bass, Fran Breen on drums, Blake Padilla on keyboards and Julie Christensen on vocals he has recorded these co-written songs as well as one, Up In The Canyon, he had no hand in writing.

The set opens with Champagne and Ice Cream an uptempo keyboard filled contemplation on the high life, or a high life. If Only ponders that often thought question. This one is a softer song of lovelorn mediation. Up In The Canyon is a more acoustic take with lovely slide guitar that reflects life in a quitter place and more peaceful setting. Quarter In The Can considers a man down on his luck and sitting there looking for a quarter in his can to buy some Thunderbird wine to help deal with a pretty frugal lifestyle even if the man still does;t want to be like some of those who pass him by. Reflection Of The Blues is pretty much what it suggests - a strong bluesy workout  with guitar and keyboards over a straight up rhythm section with some tasty guitar licks than never overwhelm the songs but add to its feel. 

Sergio Webb it should be noted is coming into his own as a vocalist and his lead vocals here show a man who has developed his singing alongside his playing ability and while in his usual role he delivers some confident back-up vocals shows that with each release his skill in that department is developing nicely too. “All the best” he says on the back of the cover and that about sums it up.