Fuzzbee 'Dreams & Other Living Things' - Self Release

Fuzzbee Morse is a composer for films, as well as a performer, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He is known for his command of a variety of instruments, including guitar, keyboards, bass, flute, soprano saxophone, mandolin, alto flute amongst others.

As a player, primarily on guitar, Fuzzbee also performs with The Flying Fannoli Brothers, a death-defying improvisational comedy band who make up outrageous songs about any subject, in any style, at the audience's request. He is a very accomplished guitarist and is joined on this release by such notable musicians as Jerry Marotta on drums, Tony Levin on bass and David Sancious on keyboards.

The ten tracks are self - produced and jump out of the speakers with lots of quality and rich arrangements. This is one for the real connoisseurs and all songs are written by Fuzzbee with the exception of Voodoo Child (Slight Return) which only Fuzzbee could have the nerve to tackle and turn into his own impressive show stopper. Smooth and full of soul, serious chops and superb musicianship.