Drew Holcomb 'Medicine' - Magnolia Music.

This is the seventh studio release by Drew Holcomb, a singer-songwriter based in Tennessee and it is a follow up to Good Light which was released in 2013 to critical acclaim. With his band the Neighbors, including wife Ellie, the sound is very much based in roots rock with most of the twelve tracks here dealing in matters of the heart. Whether reminiscing over a former lover  (American Beauty, Heartbreak), looking at life with a present lover (Tightrope, You’ll Always Be My Girl, I’ve Got You), smiling through the pain (Shine Like Lightning) or looking to each other for support (Sisters Brothers, The Last Thing We Do). Drew Holcomb delivers an earthy sound that is genuine and cuts to the heart of country realism, never more so than on the track Here We Go which is the strongest song on this fine collection.