Eric Brace & Peter Cooper 'The Comeback Album' Red Beet

The duo return with another album that again delivers quality songs and performances. It opens with Ancient History, a list of the real names and occupations of some famous or semi-famous people and the idea that "every passing moment is ancient history". Ponzi Scheme deals with the nature of ‘ buyer beware’ and be careful to check the details. It is among several songs written by the duo together. There is an obvious ease in the way these two guys harmonise and sing together which gives the overall album a warmth central to the album's attraction.That, and the fine players they have gathered around them, not least veteran steelie Lloyd Green who adds a lot to the songs as do the likes of Fats Kaplin, Thomm Jutz, Richard Bennett, Jen Gundermann and Roy Hoffman. The latter's clarinet adds an extra dimension to Thompson City.

Much of their writing is rooted in historical fact and in location and that grounds the songs in a reality that gives them an added depth. They also take on some covers, in this case there's Tom T. Hall's Mad which features Mac Wiseman, Duane Eddy and Marty Stuart. This is a spirited mix of twang, mandolin and shared vocals. Carolina is a song written by their friend Karl Straub and the final song, Rain Just Falls, is a take on David Halley's poignant paean to leaving which is a theme that permeates much of the album to such a degree that the album could have easily been titled The Goodbye album. Brace and Cooper tend to fly somewhat under the radar,  but the quality and feel-good factor of their music should see them better known than they are. This is literate, lasting and heart warming music that should make this comeback a hit.