Eve Selis 'Family Tree' - HCT

Having made repeated visits to Europe Eve Selis has built up a healthy fanbase for her roots rock sound on both sides of the pond. The band are increasingly assured in their delivery and Selis is voice and focus of the sound with her powerful presence and lasting vocal ability. A lot of the songs here she has co-written, many with guitarist and long time band member Marc Intravaia, as well as with writers such as Doug Crider, Rich Wiley and Kim McLean. There is a respectable version of the oft (over?) recorded Leonard Cohen song Hallelujah which will please many of her fans. Lori McKenna's Witness To Your Life is another outside song. Steve Churchyard's clear and concise production balances the restraint shown on the more plaintive songs such as When Is Everything Enough, Family Tree and the country infused Don't You Feel Lonesome with the more amped up delivery of Rubber and Glue, Water Off A Duck's Back or the roots rockin' mid-tempo of All Roads Lead To Here or the proto swing of Bump In The Road. She also delivers the inward pain of the piano ballad I Don't Want Cry with ease. In other words Selis cover a lot of bases with her songs and her style and her band is right behind her giving them a full-blown roadhouse sound. While the more hardcore 'real deal' country fans won't particularly find a whole lot to savour those who are already fans will find this the best step to date on Selis career path and those who are new to the music but came in through the more pop-orientated Nashville sounds will find this album one that will appeal on a lot of levels. Eve Selis has worked hard to get here and with her band should reap the rewards that has seen them gaining the endorsement of 'Whispering' Bob Harris amongst others. This Family Tree will soon bear fruit for the award winning San Diego native.