Lynn Miles 'Fall For Beauty' True North

The album opens with Something Beautiful, a song that seeks beauty and positivity and is a strong opening to a strong album. Lynn Miles is a productive artist whose last double album revisited songs in a solo capacity. Here she uses a full band under the direction and production of Ian Lefeuvre. It's one of those albums were songs, vocal and production come together to deliver something special. Miles delivers her songs with a strength and conviction that comes with experience and understanding. At this point in her career Miles is unlikely to be looking to sell albums in the millions but, realistically, is more concerned, as she states in her song Three Chords And The Truth - an oft-quoted phrase for real emotion - to express some emotional honesty with her music. She has succeeded. Lefeuvre has played a central role in achieving this with his role as producer and multi-instrumentalist. The musical settings allow Miles' voice plenty of room and space that is a much needed balance in a musical world were, all too often, both vocal and music are over wrought and over played. It is a voice at the top of it's game, clear and true. In an album full of highlights some songs deserve special mention including the touching and telling Cracked And Broken which speaks of the human need for love and connection and how it is not rewarded in kind. Vulnerability is central to Fearless Heart wherein the person in the song wishes that they had the courage of their convictions and hopes. But, in truth, it is easy to fall for the beauty that is on offer all over this latest installment in Lynn Miles music journey. It is one that is not only a career highlight but an album that I will return to often.