Girls, Guns and Glory 'Good Luck' - Lonesome Day

This Boston based band, with their tongue in cheek name, will raise a smile with their mix of classic country influences and concise rock roots. Citing a mix of such inspirational icons as Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, they use these influences to further their musical aspirations. Album four finds them achieving a working blend under the watchful eye of producer Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, himself a veteran player and producer with a lot of miles behind him. He gives these songs an edge and tightness that makes them solid nuggets of powerful persuasion.

The ten songs are written by front man Ward Hayden, either solo or as co-writes. The only outside song here is Rockin’ Chair Money by Bill Carlisle and Lonnie Glosson. One of the album standouts is the four minute plus Centralia, PA a heartfelt tale of the demise of small town USA due to, amongst other things, the greed of corporate and governmental capitalism. But lest you think this is a band that dwells on the negative there are several songs that take a more basic urge, such as C’Mon Honey and Built For Speed, the latter making reference to the aerodynamics of the singer’s lady friend. Rockin’ Chair Money is a slow brooding tale of a veteran solider seeking the good times funded by the “big cheque” that is due. 

Ward Hayden has fronted this band through several changes of personnel, and he has generally kept the band on track via his writing and developing singing skill. Working with a producer, who is also a live player in his own right, has given the songs here an added definition that makes them built for speed and ready to please. Hayden and his three bandmates have honed their music into something focused and in fine fettle. They have reached for a blend of rock with roots and country overtones that plays to their strengths. There are girls here aplenty; the firepower is in the music, so now it’s a question of waiting for the glory to come their way as it should do, given a little luck.