Gurf Morlix "Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream" Rootball

Being a fan of both Blaze Foley and Gurf Morlix I looked forward to listening to this tribute from on musician to another. Nor is it the first time by any means that Morlix has worked with these songs. He has appeared on both the albums Oval Room and Cold, Cold World as well as on the triple CD tribute album If Only I Could Fly. So Morlix is well aquainted with Blaze Foley's the song-writer as well as with the man himself. He has done much to keep Foley's name in front of people and this album does that. Morlix, as he usually does, plays all the instruments and his long-time drummer Rick Richards is again present on the drum seat. A documentary on the late singers life has been released and Gurf Morlix is playing a number of gigs accompanying screenings. Some don't quite get the way Foley is held in such high esteem, seeing him as an average songwriter with a couple of great songs, the most well known would be If Only I Could Fly recorded by Merle Haggard. But there is a rare humanity in Foley's writing which Morlix captures and if you haven't any of Foley or Morlix's albums this is a good enough introduction to both but I would still advise getting Foley's Cold, Cold World or Morlix's own Last Exit To Happyland as first choices but if your a fan of either you will want to at least hear this gritty, gracious tribute album that has been done for all the right reasons.