James and Amy Little Victories Self-Release

A husband and wife duo, James Cooper and Amy Kelly make melodic, memorable music. The albums opens with an a cappella version of Stephen Foster's Hard Times, this sets the tone for what follows, a selection of songs written by the duo either together or solo. The music is vibrant and rich in musical harmony with a largely acoustic backing. Peppered with banjo, mandolin, fiddle, upright bass and occasional percussion the music sound right for the songs, and the singers. Outside of the opening Hard Times the only cover is a version of I Hope You Dance, here stripped down to its core emotional content which makes the emotion of the song work in a way the more recognized versions tend to overplay. For this listener anyway. There is not a bad track here. It has warmth and welcome and while it is not doing anything that has not been done before, what it does it does in a timeless way that relys on good songwriting, singing and playing. This is music that celebrates those little victories of life. www.jamesandamy.com