Jim White 'Where It Hits You' - Loose

This is the seventh release from an independent, idividualistic song-smith from Pensacola in Florida. Mentored in his early musical days by David Byrne, his debut of country songs appeared in 1997 titled Wrong Eyed Jesus. This went on to spawn a movie of the same title and a soundtrack release that included a variety of different musical influences and styles. Having gained the reputation as an eclectic artist, his recordings include appearances of diverse guest artists such as Aimee Mann, Barenaked Ladies, Bill Frisell, to name a few.

His interests are wide and Jim collaborates with numerous other artists in projects of artistic, journalistic, media and musical direction and influence. He is a very literary writer and full of unique lyrical musings in his written word vignettes. He sings in a hushed and melodic voice that is both warm and welcoming. The playing on this recording is beautifully restrained and varied across the eleven songs with the Tom Waits influence of the Infinite Mind groove and the laid back alt-country feel of What Rocks Will Never Know adding to the sad reflective soundscape of Epilogue To A Marriage.

The joy of Sunday’s Refrain is replaced by the haunting arrangement of The Way Of Alone and we are taken into different mind-sets as Jim White reflects upon life and relationships. Both challenging and engaging, this recording is all that you could wish for in a set of songs that run smoothly together and call to you from a quiet space in your consciousness.