John Miller 'Still Carrying A Flame' Folk 'n' Western

It's often the case that albums, especially independent releases, that receive good critical reviews don't find them translating into actual sales. Rather good reviews can often mean the opposite. Then if your making music is largely associated with a particular country then it's that much harder. But in the end it comes down to the music and John Miller has made the best album of his career, one which goes back to his band Radio Sweethearts who released their debut, New Memories, in 1996. Since then Miller has refined his craft. This new album has twelve original Miller songs that resonate with traditional country themes and musical styles. The band is supportive and praise worthy throughout feature his own band and friends, such as former label boss and Teenage Fanclub drummer Francis MacDonald, guitarist Martin Barrett, as well as the legendary B.J. Cole on pedal steel. The production by Miller and Duncan Cameron is clean, warm and welcoming. The songs those beloved by many traditional fans songs that deal with loss and heartbreak delivered with conviction. My Dreaming Party, Tiny Sweetheart Roses, I Just Can't Live Without You are all personal highlights on an album that is consistently good and one I've returned to many times. There seems to be an feeling among some that anything emerging from the UK can't equal that from the USA. Not true, there are many examples of acts from the UK and Ireland that are more than worthy exponents of their craft. John Miller is one of them and if you want to find out for yourself just go to his my space page and have a listen.