Jon LaDeau 'Self-Titled' - Self-Release

Like many artist playing today Jon LaDeau is influenced by a range of styles and amalgamates them to create his version of Americana, foremost though is the blues, closely followed by rock 'n' roll and there's some country in the mix too. The closing track Rollin' Slow best exemplifies the latter with an upbeat rhythm and some tasty guitar from Scott Metzger. The overall colour of the blues is never too far away though. However this is not specifically a hardcore blues album but rather LaDeau's songs strive for something that is is own. The opening song Lucille is a good introduction to how this four piece sound. Jon LaDeau has a voice that is a distinctive enough presence, there are hints of a young Neil Young, to these ears at least, and in some ways that masters eclectic approach may also serve LaDeau well. This Way, a mid-paced rock song, points in that direction and is an immediate stand-out song on this eight track mini-album.The rhythm section of Jon Shaw and Taylor Floreth hold the bottom line down and allow the songs a base to build on. The train rhythm of Grapple propels the song along and allows the guitar to again take centre stage under La Deau voice and the guest backing vocals. The album was recorded by D. James Goodwin in Woodstock and sounds like it was a relaxed session. The dirty blues of the walking-paced Old Brown Dog, is a shaggy instrumental, a tribute to a favoured mutt perhaps? Midnite Sun is another song with a memorable guitar riff and vocal. All of the elements here show that LaDeau is a capable artist trying to get his music out there in front of people and while there's nothing here that hasn't been done before it is being done with a self-belief and genuine drive that makes this release an enjoyable one and the band are likely to be a lot of fun live. It's a starting point from which both the band and their fans can build.