Kayleigh Leith 'This Woman' - Amazing

This is an impressive release from a fine country singer. No frills, no over produced fillers; just some fine arrangements, crisp production, excellent songs and all delivered in a strong voice by this talented artist.

Kayleigh Leith was reared in Philadelphia but now lives in Holland. Perhaps you do not need to move to Nashville anymore in order to make it in the country music industry. Establishing a European base may not be such a bad move for an artist who is trying to gain a foothold for her songs and sound.

She is certainly doing something right to be able to boast the heavyweight talents of Rob Crosby as producer and song-writer. Having written songs for many great artists, including Paul Simon, Martina McBride, Brooks & Dunn, Lady Antebellum and Lee Greenwood, he also comes to this project with the experience gained from a number of hit singles in the country charts during the 1990’s. 

‘Feels Like Letting Go’ showcases the fine vocals of Kayleigh with a bluesy delivery of emotive power. She has all the sass of a hard rocking chick but can also shift into a different dimension with her sensitive performance on ‘I Go There’, a reflective memo to the memory of a former lover.

Similarly ‘My Heart Goes Back’ trawls similar territory with some fine performances from a band of session musicians picked from the Nashville music circle, including the talents of Doug Dugmore.

‘Too Much of a Good Thing’ sings of her desire in the lines ‘You Go to my Head Like a Fine Red Wine’ and this perfectly sums up the vibe on this impressive second release from Kayleigh Leith. The great blues feel to ‘Be Here All Night’ and the final, country groove of ‘Bet You!’ leave the impression of an artist on a fast track to the top. Impressive on all counts.