Lisa Matassa 'Somebody's Baby' - It Is What It is

Another EP release;  this time 7 enhanced tracks which is what might be called a contemporary country outing from the big voiced singer. This is decidedly non-traditional with a production that pushes the hard rock guitar and upfront rhythm to the fore. The title song introduces the album and the sound is then reinforced by the NY remix version of Wouldn't You Like to Know which you can see finding favour with the ladies out for a night. Matassa is a co-writer on the third track which I think in many ways sums up her attitude: Girl With a Rock 'n' Roll Heart, another NY remix.

The ballad Learning As You Grow is another big sounding song that leads to her version of Bryan Adams' Heaven. The final two songs are further covers with Lisa’s take on Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You as a live recording and then The Christmas Song. All show Matassa's range as vocalist but nothing here will be of interest to anyone who has a hankering for honky-tonk or alt-country. This will make a good introduction to those who will be taken by Lisa Matassa's upfront sound and vision.