D.B. Rielly 'Love Potions and Snake Oil' Shut Up And Play

This CD arrives in a tin with an old style medicine bottle graphic on the front which claims that it is an instantaneous cure for all afflictions but while I can't say it does exactly what it say on the tin it is an uplifting slice of accordion-fueled infectious grooving roots music. D.B. Reilly is a accomplished musician, singer and producer who has a made a potent musical mixture with songs that have a certain black sense of humour at times. Have a listen to I Got A Girlfriend and you'll get a good idea of the darker lyrical twist. His patented potion is equal parts of cajun, zydeco, roots country,blues and early rock 'n' roll. Rielly's emotive voice is equally adept at delivering a ballad like the heartfelt plea Don't Give Up On Me as he is at kickin' up some dust and letting go, as on the T. Rex-ish  groove of Loving You Again (mind you I've heard some 50's rockabilly riffs that are a dead ringer for T. Rex too so maybe it's a circle being completed. Any way the point is that this is one of those album that is enjoyable from start to finish and make's you feel good. So maybe his love potion works after all. Anyone who's liked what the Texas Tornados did in their heyday will enjoy this and you don't have to make my word for it you can go to www.dbrielly.com and samples some snake oil for yourselves. Although he has performed with numerous artists in the past this is his first full length and it makes you hope it won't be the last we hear of this particular medicine show man.