Lowlands 'Beyond' - Gypsy Child

This is the third release from a band that was formed in Pavia, Italy in 2008. The main influence is UK born, singer – songwriter Edward Abbiati, who penned the ten songs here and who selected Joey Huffman, ex Soul Asylum, to produce and play both Hammond organ and piano throughout. We also get the talents of Mike Brenner (Marah, Magnolia Electric Co.) and Richard Hunter (harmonica virtuoso) together with a terrific rhythm section of top Italian musicians.

The music starts out like a train and rocks through the early tracks with a Mellencamp/ Petty stride and strut. The band displays a tight sound and the mood slows into a more country groove with standout tracks like Ashes and Homeward Bound, showing a softer side to the arrangements.  Fragile Man is another reflective song that looks at life’s challenges and the resolve to face down the demands made in order to persevere. The counterbalance to the driving beat of Hail Hail and Waltz in Time is provided by the soft strum of tracks like Beyond and the celebratory final song Keep on Flowing sums up the mood perfectly with a classic rock line ‘we’re on this boat together darling, you and me’. All aboard then

Lowlands "Gypsy Child" Gypsy Child Records

A big sounding band that blend roots rock highway anthems with folk rock anthems. This Italian band sing in English and sound American. Given that Green and Red keyboard Chris Cacavas player help to mix the album with producers and band members Edward Abbiati and Roberto Diana that should not be surprising. Cavacas also quests on a trio of tracks as does Australian band You And I's Tim Rogers and American lap steeler Mike Brenner. Abbiati sings well has has no trace of his native language in his impassioned vocals. Abbiati is also writer for the 7 piece band who are capable of subtly as well as a full on sound. The band's playing is good and the sound strong even if what they're doing is not particularly original or distinctive outside of the overall parameters of their chosen songs. But that doesn't take away from the fact that all the component parts of the songs and of the playing deliver as they're supposed to. In the end it's down to the songs  and some stand out like the accordion bolstered Between Shades And Light, Without A Sigh and the frantic Gotta Be (Something Out There). There are some songs that are stripped back as with the solo guitar and voice of the sad He Left or the lament of the closing Blow, Blue Wind Blow which features Amanda Shires on fiddle and vocals. Lowlands have I'm sure built up a strong loyal fan base and when they tour give a powerful show that like this album will find fans who go for the big sound they make.