Mark Wayne Glasmire 'MWG' Traceway

This seven tracks ep highlights Glasmire's songwriting and singing skills. Touches of Jimmy Buffett are found in the light-hearted uptempo I Like You. The songs reflect Glasmire reflections on life and love from the perspective of someone who knows a little about it. Going Home looks over the career of a retiring serving soldier. The Last Goodbye is about a break up while She's Got It All looks at the other end of an attraction. Now I Believe is set somewhere in the middle of those two emotions. The ep was co-produced by Glasmire in Nashville with a set of studio musicians well up to the task. This is mainstream music existing outside of the mainstream - which may be due to Glasmire not exactly fitting the profile of what's expected to sell for the majors these days. But that shouldn't reflect on what Glasmire does or belives in. He is one of many out there who is trying to get his music across to a wider audience. The one that he has will, doubtless, enjoy these songs.