Michael Weston King 'I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier' Valve

This new album amplifies again what a under rated artist King is. This album which features songs of protest that when ever they were written are completely relevant to the endless cycle of conflict that seems to know no end. King explains the genesis and inspiration for these songs in his sleeve notes as well as providing a list of other songs that could easily have been included. What is here is a set of songs some original, some sets of words that MWK has written music for and arranged. The outside songs chosen include two Phil Ochs songs Cops Of The World and Is There Anybody There? Bob Dylan's I Pity The Poor Immigrant, Bob Darin's Simple Song Of Freedom. The title track, Life Is Fine and Parish Of Rope are among the sets of words that KIng has written music for. The album is rounded off with three MWK originals. The music is coherent, passionate and compelling and is undoubtably one of the best albums that Michael Weston King has yet released. The songs are delivered at the most direct by just guitar and voice but elsewhere Alan Cook on pedal steel, Rob Bon Homme on snare drum and Paul Hesketh form the backbone of additional players who bring life to these songs. Even if you weren't aware of the nature of the songs the music on offer is strong and striking and should be heard by a wider audience that is likely. This is a shame on may levels and a sad reflection on the channels that music get delivered through. For more and for a listen go to www.michaelwestonking.com and it's related sites.