JT Nero 'Mountains/Forests' Dishrag

This band are fronted by JT Nero, who would appear to be a singer/songwriter Jeremy Lindsay who has written all the songs here and performs them with a full band  which includes singer and banjoist Allison Russell, who have appeared as a stripped down duo in the past. Here producer Zach Goheen wraps the soulful voices of these two in a full sound that has been likened to both of the Buckeys, Jeff and Tim. There is a certain lightness of touch here and some vocal dexterity that would make that comparison seem possible. This is not however an album that will appeal to every Americana listener but rather to those who like it's subtle melodic take on old-time soul. Nero has a very distinctive voice that can soar and swoop and is equally matched by Russell and the accomplished band who deliver these 10 songs with verve. The opening title sets the groove which is followed throughout the album across such rootsier songs as descriptive Gallup, NM and the slight guitar twang of Red Balloon. Oh! Sunny Day has a airiness that matches its title and suggest that nature plays a part in these songs very structure. Making Mountains /Forests a veritable breath of fresh air for some.