Marla Cannon-Goodman 'My Reflection' Chicken Angel

Veteran producer Buddy Cannon is at the helm of his daughters album and he brings his years of experience in the studio to making this album sound as good as it does. Cannon-Goodman has co-written the songs here and sings then with a strong confident voice that brings the emotion and meaning to the songs.The best know of which is Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo, which was covered by Tracy Byrd. It's a very catchy song with a strong dash of humour that makes it a highlight on the album. Elsewhere the heartbreak of Walkin' In The Rain is balanced with the drive and determination of walking out on a bad relationship in I Call It Gone. Another highlight is The Fool a song about cheating that has some fine steel fills. The playing throughout is top notch with players like Mike Johnson, Kenny Greenberg, Joe Spivey and Mickey Raphael involved. The majority of the songs are relationship ballads that suit Cannon-Goodman well and should easily receive major label radio support but, as she is on an Indie Label, may not be the case. An all round enjoyable and satisfying from a member of a musical family that have all contributed to making some good country music.