Foghorn Leghorn 'Not Before Time' - Slammer

A straight up mix of old time and bluegrass from a North London band who make a fair stab at sounding like they came from the other side of the pond. The songs are all (par Bill Evan's Petersberg Gal) written by various members of the band which is a good sign for the future development of the band. The soon have the feet tapping with their fulsome delivery. The playing is, while not at the very top level, more than enough to give these song the setting that makes them an enjoyable listen. 

Shut Your Face has a fairly upfront message that is full of rollicking banjo and fine vocal harmonies. The aforementioned Petersburg Gal is again given a thorough instrumental workout that shows these guys are no slouches when it comes to playing. It has some nice dobro in the mix too.

There's always that somewhat snobbish attitude that not of value can come from a band playing this style of music outside of the States. But given the roots that doesn't really cut too much mustard. These guys sound like a fun night out for those who manage to catch them in a live venue. While it may not exude the skill on display in The Station Inn it has a validity and a purpose that can only get better with time and experience. I'll freely admit I'm not an expert in this particular area of roots music but Not Before Time seems a fair enough start for the committed players that make up Foghorn Leghorn and makes them a considered on the London circuit and beyond.