No Comebacks 'Back In The Saddle Again' Ocean

With Special guest P.J. Proby - now there's a blast from the past. As indeed is much of the music here. The album opens with Proby introducing the album before launching into Corrine Corrina one of 8 tracks that Proby adds his still strong vocals to. But after a while the programmed synthesized sound grates. The drum machine particularly is at odds with the feel of the music. The end result doesn't swing it judders sounding like a country karaoke night at your local disco. Something that's fun at the time but not something that you may want to repeat in the cold light of day. Even the presence of real pedal steel hasn't managed to redeem the overall sound. The closing song, always one of my favourites Ghost Riders In The Sky is just about saved by the icon guitar riff and Proby's over the top vocal. No comebacks primary members Mark Dean Ellen and Johhny Podd doubtless enjoy country music and have made an album on a tight budget but the end result described as "quirky" will not be to everyone's taste but maybe the line dancers will enjoy it.