The Wiyos 'One More For The Road' - Self-Release

This fun-loving outfit, well they are named after turn-of-the-century New York street gang, have now slimmed down to a trio. The Wiyos have put out this seven track mini-album to tie in with some live dates. They play music that could easily have entertained that Lower East Side gang that they're named after. It is a fusion of acoustic vaudeville jazz and roots influences. They manage to throw in guitar, cornet, double bass, washboard, harmonica and sundry things hit into the rhythm.

Other than Charlie Poole's Milwaukee Blues the remaining six songs are penned by the band in various forms. John Hartford is a tribute to the late great performer diner in a way he would have doubtless approved of. The remaining songs have an energy in the delivery that underpins their noted on-stage appeal. It will serve as a fine souvenir of their full-on live shows. Radio Flier brings to mind the flavour of the sea front entertainment that is conjured in the TV series Broadwalk Empire.

Though the roots of this music come from another time the way The Wiyos bring their influences together is done in a way that is just as appealing now and would account for their attraction on stage and as a recorded unit. One More For The Road, without being a band milestone, is journeyman music that can travel.