Fiery Blue 'Our Secret' Doubloon

The second album from the singer Simone Stevens, Instrumentalist Gabe Rhodes and songwriter Paul Marsteller continues from where the previous album left off. Again they explore the possibilities of these songs with some adventurous production from Rhodes allied to strong arrangements, playing and writing. Stevens is again the vocal heart of these songs which have developed melodies and are strong on atmosphere. The sole outside song is a cover of Lennon/McCartney's I've Just seen A Face which scores through familiarity and being reworked into a uptempo version that has Rhodes mother Kimmie adding harmony vocals over a backing which has Tommy Spurlock's pedal steel guitar well to the fore. This track alone should gain Fiery Blue some attention. However the other songs are likely to reward repeated listening due to their overall quality. They range from the quieter songs like Half-a-Dance and The Moon And I to more drum bolstered songs like Sharpshooter and Crystal Ball. Throughout the elements come together to make Fiery Blue a positive slow burn that is not really roots music but rather playful folk-pop. Our Secret should really be an open one but as with any independent release it will need exposure to breathe.