Little Big Town 'Pain Killer' - Capitol Records

This is the sixth release from contemporary country artists Little Big Town. Production credits go to Jay Joyce who has worked with Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin and Eric Church among many others. He brings a big panoramic sound to the thirteen songs included here, with bright arrangements and dynamic four-part harmonies from the band.

Little Big Town has forged a strong reputation on their work ethic since recording their debut release in 2002. Regular touring to promote their music has seen them reach ever increasing audiences over the years and they were inducted into the Grand Ole Opry earlier this year by Vince Gill, at the invitation of Reba McEntire.

Their unique signature is in their vocal delivery, with no lead singer, preferring to have the songs feature any one of the four members, or all four in varying combinations. They have been compared to Fleetwood Mac previously and there are similarities in the melodies and song structures. Working with Lindsey Buckingham has probably helped the comparison, plus they do a few live cover versions of Mac songs.

However, in an overcrowded arena of contemporary country artists, Little Big Town continue to punch above their weight and songs like Live Forever, Pain Killer, Tumble & Fall and Save Your Sin give them an edge over the opposition. Things You Don’t Think About is a sassy song with plenty of attitude and Turn the Lights On does nod in the direction of Fleetwood Mac. Radio friendly tunes played with panache and plenty of passion.