MaryAnn & The Revival Band 'Proper' Self-release

This five song ep is from the Austin based band who are fairly eclectic blend of old school country, folk and indie-rock overtones. They are young and enthusiastic and bring an energy to the songs that feature brass on three tracks as well as pedal steel. The vocals are shared with Marina Hendrix being the female vocal focus and the guys sharing lead and backing vocals. There is no Mary Ann. As a starting point these 5 songs point to a number of sonic possibilities, which is what an ep should be about as an opening gambit. See what works with listeners. The songs are all band co-writes and with some nine players listed on the sleeve they may be in the process of settling into a solid line-up going forward.The song here that has the most resonance here in it's recorded form is Doc Holliday, a song tinged with sadness, musically and lyrically "...roses don't grow around my grave". The other songs here are on occasion more upbeat in tempo though the closing Happily Alone again takes a downbeat viewpoint but from a male vocal perspective. MaryAnn & The Revival Band will make an interesting full length album as there is enough going on here to warrant further inspection and you can view their current activities on their Facebook page.