Hadley J Castille 'Refait (Remakes)' - Swallow Records

If you like your Cajun music fiddle rather than accordion-based and with more than a tip of the hat towards New Orleans jazz, then this little beauty is for you. For once I wished that my school French was up to speed so that I could have enjoyed the storytelling element of this re-recording of Hadley Castille's most requested songs and tunes.

In Refait, Hadley and his long time band The Sharecroppers revisit and re-record 20 of their all time favourites, much beloved of Cajun music loving audiences all over the world.The sound owes a bit more to Chuck Berry than our beloved Balfa Tojours and is a real crowd pleasing collection of danceable two steps and waltzes featuring the unique fiddle style and equally unique vocal talents of this long acknowledged master of Cajun heritage music.

I can't profess to a great knowledge of Cajun or the traditional music of Louisiana, but like all amateur art critics I know what I like. I found this CD to be infinitely more listenable than most of the commercially available Cajun albums that I have previously encountered. If, like me, you bopped to Diggy Liggy Lo or tapped your foot to the great sound of recent visitor to these shores, Sarah Savoy and the Francadians, then top up your collection with this well stuffed goodie bag of the real deal from Hadley J Castille and The Sharecroppers.