Tony McLouhglin 'Ride The Wind' Self-Released

This new album find the Irish songwriter in the capable production hands of fellow artist Ben Reel. Have made previous album in the US this album was recorder in Monaghan. The end result is a slice of powerful roots rock. Songs with a kick and some substance. The title song was co-written by McLoughlin with Tommy Womack, while other songs were written with Reel and the closing Treeline is a co-write with Sergio Webb. All are topped with a hearty vocal delivery by McLoughlin over a soild backing that includes Ben Reel on acoustic and electric guitars with locals Ronnie O'Flynn on bass, Michael Black on drums, John McCullogh on keyboards. McLoughlin also shares the guitar playing duties. This is grown up robust music that draws from several music forms to create an album that has balls. The songs are memorable, the more so with repeated play. Tony McLouhglin has been around for some time making albums that his fans love but have never really made waves outside of that which is a pity as he is an artist with quite a bit to offer. He may not be as know as Henry McCullough and heaven knows Henry flies under the radar too but this album will likely appeal to those who like Henry's similar blend of blues, r 'n'b and country. A healthy roots stew that should give satisfaction to those who like the music with some age and dirt on it.