Robby Hecht 'Self-Titled' - Old Men Henry

This self-titled third release from talented singer/songwriter Robby Hecht is an enjoyable listen and a very pleasant discovery. The twelve songs are recorded in a sweet, easy style with gentle playing and arrangements that suit the earnest feel of the vocals.

Rose Cousins sings on Soon I Was Sleeping and the duet is really excellent, with Hecht sounding like a modern day James Taylor or Marc Cohn. Will Kimbrough plays guitar on selected tracks and the production of Lex Price is beautifully balanced, in addition to his varied contributions to the songs on guitars and keyboards – impressive display all around.

The reflective nature of a number of the songs highlight the talent of this artist in fine style. The Light Is Gone portrays a heart-breaking picture of a dead relationship and the regret of mistakes made. The reflective  Hard Times comes over with a melancholy born from life experience. This is restrained and literate song writing, accompanied by a coterie of fine musicians