Ruth Trimble 'Things I Want to Say' - Self-Release

This Belfast singer songwriter is a real talent and a welcome addition to the local Irish music scene. A multi- instrumentalist, Ruth Trimble displays a natural flair for musical arrangement and melody in the twelve songs on this, her debut release.

She has been gaining an increasing reputation by working hard on the live circuit and recently tours with Kevin Montgomery, Kimmie Rhodes and Beth Nielsen Chapman has seen her sharpen her already impressive skills with songwriters of this calibre.

The title track is dedicated to a close friend, Will Owsley, who passed away and is particularly poignant as he plays on two of the songs included here. Tonight is a song that channels the passion of wanting someone who is just out of reach, while Let You Go speaks of having to walk away from a relationship that has run its course.

Production credits are exclusively down to Ruth and the sound is very impressive, with plenty of space in the song arrangements with room for the lovely melodies to breathe and linger. More impressive is the fact that she plays almost every instrument on this collection and displays a maturity well beyond her years.

Awaken My Soul is quite beautiful with a restrained tempo and fine guitar colouring. Equally, Goodbye is a love song that tugs at the most stubborn heart-strings. We are given songs to new life in the world, Fighter & Judah, which somehow balances the book of life and loss.

We have been given a unique, local talent and one that will undoubtedly grow with greater exposure. Watch this space…!