Buxter Hoot'n Self-Released

This San Francisco based band are a young band who use a variety of musical sources and references to create their songs from. The end result is this third album that can loosely tie itself to a wider Americana brief with songs like Out The Door which has an early electric Dylan/Band feel but equally brings to mind certain indie rock/pop sensibilities. The quartet work as a unit to give the songs a strong presence. Singer/guitarist Vince Dewald is the main songwriter with contributions from two other members. The production by the band and Greg Magers is solid. As you listen a number of aural associations come to mind but not so strongly as to suggest any singular influences, rather they bring a full rounded sound to each song. The bands two main singers Vince Dewald and Melissa Merrill are both featured on particular songs and have the voices to deliver the songs and do them justice. Those songs cover a range of themes from the social inquiry of Chief Justice Shepard, an album highlight, which questions a outmoded value and judgement system, and does so with a late 60s swirl. While Cover Band details the feels of watching a band play rock 'n' roll covers and hear a song that stays in the memory and inspires. Something that many of us may have experienced at one time or another. They at times can take on a more bluesy rock side as with the song Spill Some Juice Me also they can be more reflective side with songs like In The Morning, a mid-paced piano led song that finds a man looking for forgiveness and fortitude in the morning after a night of gambling with his money and his relationship. The final track, fittingly titled Curtain is an atmospheric, sound collage that suggest different times. Buxter Hoot'n though, as a band, are a product of their times and the music they have heard and are, while delivering nothing particularly new, are, at the very least, capable of creating some strong songs and playing that, doubtless, gives them a sound that they can build their home audience on.