Trace Adkins Cowboy's Back In Town Show Dog/Humphead

Moving from Capitol to Show Dog has not changed Adkins music much other than to re-energise the singer and make the songs that little bit more raucous and good ol' boy. With titles like Hold My Beer, Whoop A Man's Ass, Ala-Freakin-Bama and the title track you can see why he is signed now to Toby Keith's label. Adkins can still get in touch with his more sensitive side with slow ballads like Still Love You, a song laced with sweetness and strings. Break Her Fall, is another slow song of regret of looking back and movin' on. But those songs are exception in this boy's world of beer, brown cows, Chevrolet back seats and big guitars. Again, in the main, this is another part of the current Nashville formula, rather than edging towards the pop spectrum this album rides off into a southern rock sunset. Adkins fans will find much to admire and those who aspire towards the faux outlaw allegories will also enjoy its sense of bravado. Adkins has a big baritone voice that is well at home on his new label and it's overall ethos.