Peter Mulvey 'Silver Ladder'

An accomplished singer-songwriter with a strong back catalogue, Peter Mulvey writes songs from the heart and brings a human touch with messages of endurance, forgiveness and hope along the way. Here, we are given twelve songs that cover a whole range of emotions and moods. Copenhagen Airport is a quirky workout that lightens some of the more serious content on display. The closing track Landfall is a considered piece of song-writing that reflects upon our time in the world as ‘this is just another suit of clothes’.

There is the sad acceptance of a past relationship put into perspective on Where Did You Go? Trempealeau questions the honesty of relationships and contains the lines ‘If it’s true that we go as we came; why can’t you just say I love you?’

You Don’t Have to Tell Me and Sympathies run along at a bouncy rhythm and the grove of Josephine is infectious. On the stream of consciousness song, If You Shoot Ata King You Must Kill Him, we are treated to a trip into the mind of the artist as he regresses to the dawn of creation and the presence of a single raindrop. His is heady stuff indeed and a fitting addition to the body of work that continues to unfold. Peter Mulvey artist, raconteur, wandering minstrel and travelling companion; the destination is unknown but the twists along the road are all worth the fare.